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Clothing and Non-Clothing Consignment Rules

The consignor will receive 50% of the selling price on all clothing and shoes and 40% on all non- clothing items (i.e. toys and books, games, furniture) during the consignors individual time frame. Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) sets all prices, markdowns and promotional prices for each individually consigned item. Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) reserve the right to run promotional sales at any time.

All children's clothing, maternity clothing, shoes, furniture, strollers and highchairs and all non- clothing items have a 60 day selling timeframe. During the Consignor’s selling time frame, if there are any unsold items after 30 days, those items will be reduced to 25% off the original at price. At the end of 60 days of the individual consignor’s selling time frame, the consignor will no longer receive a percentage of the sale of any items.

Upon completion of the item intake, there is NO reclaiming of your consigned items after drop-off. 

There will be an initial consignor fee paid upfront for $5.00 for all new consignors. Each year after, consignors will be charged an administrative fee of $5.00 annually which will be deducted from your account.


Payment by check will be issued during the last 7 days of the month beginning January 25, 2019 upon request of the consignor. Check requests for amounts under $10.00 will be issued as credit unless the account is being closed. It is the consignor's responsibility to collect monies owed. Checks will not be mailed. Positive account balances may be used as store credit at any time.

Accounts that have been inactive for 1 full year, which includes no drop offs, no items sold, no used credit or check retrieval, will be closed and all monies forfeited.


Item drop off is by appointment only. We will accept a maximum of 25 items per appointment per season.

Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) reserves the right to refuse any items that are not suitable for resale. The items will be returned to the consignor during their scheduled appointment. Items that are placed in inventory, which upon closer inspection, are found unacceptable, will be taken off the floor immediately and donated.

When certain items become overstocked, further consignment of that item will be temporarily suspended at the sole discretion of Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC)

All items must be in excellent condition, current style and season, snapped, button, zipped upon drop-off. All toys, games, and puzzles must have all pieces /parts. Please make sure all items are CLEAN!!

Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) will not allow for the solicitation of customers in the store from Consignors.

Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) is not responsible for loss and damage to merchandise due to or not limited to fire, water, vandalism or theft. 

Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) reserves the right to make changes to the contract at any time.

Sprouts Consignment Shop (Twelve 03, LLC) reserves the right to make changes to the contract at any